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You Dream it,


We'll Build It.

Bobkart - Burial Vault Transporter

Manufactured by M.b.R. since 1994.

These are being used in 26+ states and Canada.

Custom Gears and Sprockets in almost any size.  Shown is 100 pitch chain sprocket and hub.

Custom Built Stairs and local installation

Clamping assembly for the cutting cart

on a tube mill

Custom Sign

Over 15 foot high

Reinke-16        A 1/16 size pivot irrigation system

We have been manufacturing Plaques since 1995, mostly for cemeteries.

They are available in Aluminum, Wood and Plastic.

The aluminum structure for this bell tower was completely fabricated and welded up by M.b.R.

We manufacture custom fire-rings.

1/4 scale display model parts

Cemetery stands have a hinged lid over the book storage area.  

They are in available in floor mount or wall mount

Our waterjet cutter can cut precision parts out of a variety of material such as rubber, steel, aluminum, bronze, plastic & more.

This machine clamps the bead of tires and cuts off the sidewalls for recycling.

Warming unit for pizzas.

Wood Stove Kit


We cut out all the parts and you weld them up.

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