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These items may have sharp edges and small parts, so they are not toys. They are built tough and strong, but considered ornaments for adults, for safety and liability reasons.

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The Reinke-16 is a 1/16 size model pivot. Wheels rotate and the center point turns and flexes with the rubber boot joint. Intermediate spans can be placed, as many as desired, in between the pivot point and the end span or swing arm span.

All spans fit in 12 x 12 x 90 boxes.

Pivot Point                                               $65.

Intermediate span                                   $175.

End span with end boom                         $195.

Swing Arm Corner Span                           $390.


Shipping - UPS rates from Hebron NE


Call: 402-768-7251 to order  9:00am - 3:30pm CST

Pivot point, comes with sticker for panel, and rotating elbow.

End span with end boom and sign.

Swing Arm Corner (SAC) span, comes with elbows and hinge joint that slips on to an intermediate span.  Wheels rotate and steer.  SAC will not connect to end span.

Pivot Point and Intermediate span.

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