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            ~  ~ ~~~ OVER 25 YEARS IN BUSINESS ~~~ ~  ~


M.b.R. began in 1994 as a burial vault company named Mausoleums by Reinke.  The following year we purchased a small machine shop, one new CNC machine, and began to manufacture grave plaques with a special finishing process that we perfected.  In the years to follow we branched out to custom fabricating and machining work of all kinds.  We changed the name to M.b.R. and have stayed with it since.  M.b.R. is a company under Jame Kari LLC along with Reinke Shakes, a metal shingle business that has shipped to all 50 states and several foreign countries. 

The Bobkart was introduced by M.b.R. in 1994 and has been shipped to over half of the United States and also to Canada.  We are the largest manufacturer of electric burial vault karts.  

If you have an idea for a part or product, e-mail us and we would be glad to consider manufacturing it.


Bob Reinke, Founder.

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