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ATV trailer by M.b.R.

ATV Trailer.jpg

This ATV / Lawnmower trailer has a 1000 pound load capacity, and 10 inches of ground clearance.


Adjustable, and easily removable, tail-gate.


The axle is toward the back to put more weight on the ATV or Lawnmower for traction with heavy loads.


With the gate down it is ideal for hauling fence posts or other long items.

The large tires give it a smooth ride and they follow the tracks of standart ATV's.


Price as of March 2023:    $720.00

ATV Black 2.jpg
ATV Black 1.jpg


Dump-It trailer by M.b.R.

BUILT TOUGH !  This trailer will NOT dent like the box of your pickup.

This is the finest utility trailer you can buy.  Shown here with the gate flat, but it also swings down, or hinges from the top, or comes completely off.  Lights are protected and sides have numerous attachment points for tarps and tying down loads.

The Dump-It trailer has no battery to maintain or go dead, and no hydraulics to leak and stain your driveway.

The Dump-It trailer is large enough to haul large ATV's an yet small enough to be easily pulled by them.

ATV's can be loaded or unloaded with out any ramps or additional accessories.

The hitch is narrow enough to alow the Dump-It trailer to swing up to 90 degrees, which is great when you are in tight spots.

The special dumping design allows you to tip the trailer high enough to release even sticky loads.  Remember the tail gate can come completely off (no tools required) if needed.

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