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PBA members get 25% off of METAL ITEM prices  (NOT COAL)  (price X .75)

Prices FOB Hebron NE.  Call for shipping costs.

Steel Tool Box - 6" x 6" x 26" made to carry tongs.  Assembles easily with just a hammer to bend over the tab connections.  Cut from black or galvanized 16 gage steel.  $75.

Forge Antique style - Comes unassembled, with Square Head Bolts.   $400.

Forge Economy - $250.

Any tongs - includes 2 tong halves with 1/4 inch hole in them and one 1/4 inch rivet.  $52.

Set of 7 tongs - includes 14 halves and 8 rivets.  Total weight approx. 15#.    $350.


Rose Set (1/16 inch thick steel,  18 gage available too.)   $12.


Rose Set with lady bugs and humming bird (1/16 inch thick steel)   $20.


Rose set out of .021 Copper.  $18.


Rose Set with lady bugs and humming bird out of .021 Copper.  $26.

Set of Cross blanks:  4 each of 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 Square Steel   $50.


Single size sets:         4 of 1/2 $14.        4 of 5/8 $18.           4 of 3/4 $22.

Hole Wheels, 1/4 thick Steel  ( goes on anvil with 1/2 bolt in Pritchel Hole and places pattern holes over the Hardie Hole )

Dual Hole Wheel  with 2 and 2 7/8 radius layouts  OR 

Dual Hole Wheel  with 2 1/4 and 3 1/8 radius layouts.      $36.

Knife Blanks - Approx. 9" cut from used bandsaw blades.  $8. per blade.


Sorry, no PBA discount, but there is a quantity discount.

$20.00 per bag - 50#       $16.00 per bag for 5 or more.   ($80 for 5 bags - 250#)

As Received Specs:
Size:  Pea 1 x 3/8 or Nut 3 x 1 1/2"
Moisture: 1.48% 
Ash: 7.12% 
Sulfur: .75% 
BTU/lb: 14,373 
BTU/lb: 15,724 (dry, ash-free) 
Volatile Matter: 18.63% 
Fixed Carbon: 79.62% (dry ash-free) 
Free Swelling Index (Coke Button): 9 
Lbs sulfur per million BTU: 0.52 

Coal analysis report by Geochemical Testing, Somerset, PA.

Coal Bags.jpg
Coal Bag 50#.jpg
BS Tongs 2.jpg

Hole Wheel

This is only cut from mild steel

It works for hot metal, but may deform if your piece gets too cold.

BS Tongs 1.jpg

Tool Boxes long enough for Tongs

These tool boxes are all 16 gage steel, 6" wide x 6" side x 26" long, so 25 inch tongs can be easily carried in them.

If you want an even longer bos, we can do that also.

Easy, and actually fun, to assemble. 

Use pipe, 3/4 Conduit, or wood dowel, for the handle.

Tool Box 2.JPG
Tool Box 1.JPG

Tongs are water-jet cut from 3/8 thick steel plate. 

Handles can be hammered and drawn out longer if desired.

Each tong (2 halves) comes with 1/4 inch holes, one steel rivet, and weighs approx. 2 pounds.

<-- This Rose set is used

to make This -->

Use these Cross Blanks to make These -->







Forge kits make a forge that is 20" x 30" x 34" high. 

They have a 2" air tube and a sliding plate for an ash dump.

Use a belows, blower, or hair dryer to blow air into it.

Includes everything you see, except the brick floor.

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