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We came out with a new improved, stronger design in 2021.  It assembles easier than our first design, and has an inside space of 66 wide x 81 high.


Our current bridge design has all 10 foot, identical, sections.  

Boards are NOT included.   Use treated 2 x 8 or 2 x 10 for the floor.


The bridges are available in 10 foot increments.   You will want at least 5 feet on each bank to be safe.


The top bridge shown gets water over it occasionally and the boards kept floating out of it, so 2x4's were put down the center and screwed to each board to keep them from floating out when it floods.  You will find out that you can stop your ATV really quick when you are expecting to cross the bridge and the floor is gone.


The only tools needed to assemble our bridges are 5/8 & 11/16 wrenches.  All bolts are 7/16 inch grade 5.


Instructions require that you test it after assembly, and before initial use, and annually.


The inside width is 67 inches and the inside height is 82 inches, except the top corners that come inward a couple inches.


The metal frame components are available in plain steel or galvanized.


Rated safe loads:  30’ = 8,000   40’ = 6,000   50’ = 4,800   60’ = 4,000  70’ = 3,500


The frame weighs approx.  385 pounds per 10 foot section.


Bridges must be placed on solid, level stable footings on each end and supported directly below a vertical frame member on each side of each end.


Cost is $1050. per section - plain steel, no wood.   Galvanized bridges are $1250. per section.


A 60 foot bridge unassembled, and stacked measures 10’ x 7’ x 3’, so shipping is possible, by truck freight.


If you are interested, please call us for lead time and freight costs.

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